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The highways, byways and roadways are populated with many thousands of vehicles, called traffic counts. Your message will be seen all day long. Many businesses are making deliveries, customers visits, service calls, business meetings and so much more. If your business has a vehicle it’s well worth the additional expense to advertise while you work.

Did you know that for the cost of a cup of coffee a day, the number of times your vehicle wraps will be seen make this the single most effective advertising you can buy. More people in more locations will identify with your business, your contact information and your brand.

Our Vehicle Wraps are Done RIGHT!


When you ensure that every vehicle in your fleet is wrapped or lettered and your message and brand is in view, the return on your investment can be far and away the best advertising investment you can make! Let us help you ensure that your unique, custom-designed vehicle wrap will turn your vehicles into effective, brightly colored advertising on wheels. Our professional graphic designers are experienced artists and our designs are above the fray when you compare us to other vehicle wrap advertising providers. We have developed our own “the science of vehicle wrap advertising” and we will make it advertising work for you!

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Vehicle Wraps Advertising Are Effective.

We offer complete vehicle wrap advertising packages: with top grade professional design, fast and efficient state-of-the-art wide format digital full color printing, and we offer certified installation in your area. Plus we offer the only written one-year warranty offered anywhere is the US.


The cost of a vehicle wrap will vary due to different sizes and complexities of body parts and auto body contours. Custom vinyl vehicle advertising wraps range in price from $1500-$5000.

Lean enough for tight budgets yet robust with great quality.

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We offer: 3M and Avery Certified Installations

A vehicle wrap in the area can generate over 50,000 advertising views every day.
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American Specialty Vehicles is a Legitimate Car Wrap Advertising Company.